What my Clients
are Saying

Every client is unique and every goal is personal. Hear what others are saying about our ability to help them land the job they want – even in a pandemic. 

What My Clients Are Saying

  • 5 star rating

    Kolby, It isn't always easy to write a resume when looking for a new job,but you made my last job search easy for me. You kind of interviewed me first and asked what I was looking for, my experience, etc., to write my perfect resume.Excellent resume and I am now happy and enjoying my new job!Thank you KolbyRaquel A

    Raquel A.
  • 5 star rating

    Kolby's work is a testament of the experience and knowledge that he brings to the table. He was able to really help me improve my resume, giving me quality advice that others had missed. I would recommend his work to anyone.

    Cory C.
  • Kolby's approach to career advancement is centered around value, and this approach was the breath of inspiration I needed! I absolutely recommend Kolby if you are needing some assistance making that satisfying career move. I'm a small business owner and I came to Kolby at a career crossroads. I wasn't sure if it was worth it for me to continue with my business or start looking for a job. I started working with Kolby thinking he could help me identify industries and job positions that would be the next best fit for me, and help me translate... read more

    Tina S.
  • 5 star rating

    The Job Huntr was great!! He helped with both my resume and cleaning up my linked in, everything looks cohesive now. We chatted through some gaps on my resume and the best way to approach that in interviews. I got the job of my dreams and I'm so happy I went with Koby for that extra help. Highly recommend.

    A M.
  • 5 star rating

    Kolby is great at what he does! He revised my resume, cover letter, and updated LinkedIn account information. With his help, I landed a position to work for Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). I had the upmost confidence when I applied for positions because my resume and cover letter are both great! He is fast, organized and very good at communicating with you through the whole process. He really cares about your success. And I love that. I would definitely recommend him for any resume, cover letter, Updated LinkedIn, Practice Interviews, etc. he's great at it and you won't be disappointed.... read more

    Jayson V.
  • Seeber B.
  • 5 star rating

    I had been out of the loop for 15 years and Kolby really brought me up to date on the entire process of making myself marketable again. My resume looks great and I understand and appreciate professional social media. Kolby gave me the confidence I needed to believe in myself in order to move forward with my potential career change. THANKS!!!

    Mimi M.
  • 5 star rating

    After getting laid off in December and conducting a long and frustrating job search on my own, I contacted Kolby to get some advice on what I could do to improve my chances of landing a job. I spoke with Kolby over the phone and he offered me constructive and concrete advice on what I could do to strengthen my resume to better appeal to potential employers and recruiters. He also spoke with me about how I could leverage existing contacts in my field of work in order to be more proactive in my job search. After one conversation with... read more

    Stephanie B.
  • Kolby was a huge help in me landing my first job in the nursing field. As a recent graduate I didn’t feel I had much to speak of when searching and interviewing for jobs. He created a killer resume and cover letter which got me many more call backs than the previous cover letter and resume I was using. His interview tips gave me the confidence to enter the room with the mindset of “what can your company offer me” rather than the “please hire me” mentality. I was reluctant about hiring a professional to help me with my job... read more

    Michael B.
  • 5 star rating

    Kolby did a great job for me. He took the time to understand what I was looking for in a career path and catered my resume to it. He was very detailed oriented when building my resume. I would recommend getting your resume refined by Kolby.

    Matt D.
  • 5 star rating

    If you are looking for help crafting your resume and preparing for your professional interviews, give Kolby a call right now. His coaching empowered me to perform confidently and professionally in an interview shortly after our first meeting. This coaching coupled with his insight into proper resume editing, really gave a good one-two punch to my applications. I highly recommend Kolby for any and all of your resume, interviewing, and career needs.

    Abigail A.
  • Kolby gave my resume and LinkedIn page a great boost and played an important part in my positive career shift. He also was accommodating when I needed the resume on a much shorter time schedule than originally discussed. Highly recommended.

    Ali D.
  • 5 star rating

    Great resume writer. With Kolbys guidance I was able to go from a job I didn't like to a job I really enjoy. Your resume makes a huge difference in your ability to get attention from employers. If you're not getting traction in your job search it's time to contact Kolby.

    Daniel M.
  • 5 star rating

    If you have trouble "selling" yourself and need help boosting up your resume, Kolby is a great resource. He took my resume and made it look and sound professional.

    Natalie N.
  • 5 star rating

    Kolby is helpful and informed. More importantly, Kolby really cares about getting you employed in a position that works well for you. he takes the time to learn about you and your career field. I would recommend his services to anyone who is job hunting.

    Addison B.
  • 5 star rating

    After almost 30 years of being "just a mom" at home, I needed to re-enter the work force. I went back to school and started over. My résumé was hardly a résumé at all. Kolby took what I had, which wasn't much, and in no time, created an awesome résumé that is sure to land me a job in my field. Thank you, Kolby, for a job well done!

    Beverly J.
  • Kolby did an amazing job revamping my resume! Working at the same place for 25 years, I really didn't know how to put a good resume and cover letter together. Kolby did such a great job! He told me it would take roughly 1-3 months to land my next job and it literally took less than a month before I started interviewing for my current position. I am so grateful that I found him, I have referred him to countless people and he is currently working with 3 of my friends. Thanks Kolby!

    Marisa M.
  • 5 star rating

    Me again. Sadly, I found myself looking for a job again but was so happy that Kolby helped me with my resume again. It was quick and easy to update since not a ton had changed. But I knew it would be better to let him do it than try to update it myself. And it worked out. After just sending it out for a couple of day, I already had a phone and in person interview. Here's hoping I'll find the perfect job this time. And when I do, it will all... read more

    J W.
  • Kolby was beyond professional in drafting my updated resume & CV documents. Highly recommend reaching out to setup a call and learn more about the services & resources he can provide!

    Jon Z.
  • Kolby is wonderful! He helped me make my resume look attractive to employers and gave me some sound advice that helped me in my job search. I am happy to say that I’ve landed my dream job and I owe it in part to Kolby’s professional services! I highly recommend reaching out and setting up a call. He is so friendly and pleasant to talk to!

    Katarina V.
  • 5 star rating

    Truly an amazing guy, Kolby managed to make my mediocre career look exceptional. His ability to break down you experience and tailor it to what you want to be is remarkable. He's very patient and thorough and makes sure you're happy. And in the world we live in now, any little bit of happiness goes a long way. Kolby did so well on my resume last year, and I am a victim of his success. After i was offered an amazing job, recruiters have been hounding me to join their companies, in no small part to his skills. I recently... read more

    Demetre F.
  • I had been trying to get interviews for months, before employing Kolby and his skill set. After working with me on my resume format and cover letter, I started to get requests for interviews. I am excited to finish this process soon and find a new job thanks to Kolby the hits and follow ups increased by roughly 30% for me.

    James G.
  • 5 star rating

    Kolby is absolutely awesome at what he does! I work for state government and it is extremely competitive. I had been trying to get into a better position w/the State of California since February 2015. I had tried another career counselor that my job provided towards the end of 2014 and got absolutely no where. I did six sessions with that counselor. I tried her system for about 14 months and never promoted to the next position. I had gotten extremely frustrated with going through over 30 interviews with state agencies and never getting anywhere.I contacted Kolby at the end... read more

    Cheyara C.
  • 4 star rating

    When I lost my job due to the COVID pandemic, my husband suggested that I engage a career counselor prior to starting my job search. I found Kolby on Yelp and was impressed with the reviews. Working with Kolby helped me to think outside the box and expand what I believed I was capable of doing in a job. He always provided great feedback for my professional life and how to create structure in what was otherwise a very unstructured day-to-day life for me. With Kolby's help, I was able to regain my confidence and have... read more

    Monique S.
  • Kolby was fantastic to work with. Organized, supportive of the joys of the job hunting process, and willing to work with me to tease out the important details for my professional resume and LinkedIn page. He's a pleasure to work with, and I regularly recommend him to others.

    Sammy J.
  • 5 star rating

    Kolby is really knowledgable in his field and is always willing to lend a helping hand. You can tell that he is incredibly passionate about what he does just by the way that he carries himself. He's personable, He listens to your concerns, and he gets right to the point. I really enjoy working with him and gaining insight from him. He's helped me in figuring out what proper steps to take in a career change and I'd definitely recommend him to everyone that I know.

    Tracy N.
  • I was in desperate need of finding a job when I came across Kolby and his service. I knew my resume was not getting the attention it needed to get a job. I immediately signed up for a free 15 minute phone consultation to talk about my background and what I was looking for. He took the time to really transform my resume! It took a few weeks until it was finished, so if you’re in a hurry to find a job, I would schedule a time as soon as possible. Even though I ended up getting a job through... read more

    Savana B.
  • I found Kolby through an online search, and after reading many reviews, decided to reach out to him regarding my resume. I have been told by recruiters at staffing companies such as Robert Half that my resume was good, but have never gotten calls back from serious companies when I have applied.I'm in my early 30's, starting a masters in accounting, have a bachelors, but never had my "big girl job". I knew that in order to get the job I wanted, I needed to have serious work on my resume. Kolby was able to make my first impression, the... read more

    Natasha K.
  • 5 star rating

    I don't even know where to start. I can't possibly recommend Kolby enough. I was applying to 10+ jobs a day at a times and receiving no calls or interview requests. I was confident in my resume. I had done my research and thought it was solid. I was hesitant at first to spend money on a resume writer, when, in my mind, my resume didn't need any assistance. I could not of been more wrong. After Kolby provided his incredible service, I went from no interviews, to 20 interviews in 2 months. I am not exaggerating. If it was... read more

    Joshua V.
  • A great investment that paid off very quickly! Kolby helped me with my resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter. He really helped me relay skills and experience in a way that was not coming across on my documents before. A few months after an employer connected with me through LinkedIn and found my resume on Indeed. They asked to speak with me and extended an offer within a week!

    Olivia S.
  • 5 star rating

    I can highly recommend Kolby. I had worked with a larger career counseling agency before coming to him and Kolby was much more helpful. Even though I'm a professional writer, writing a resume and cover letter is much different than the business writing I typically do. It was enormously helpful to have his coaching, feedback and direction.

    Julie K.
  • 5 star rating

    Hoping for a career change, I contacted a few different companies to edit my resume. While not necessarily the cheapest quote, Kolby was definitely the most helpful right off the bat. He won my business with his friendliness and obvious talent. I was quoted a delivery time of 4-5 business days, and after sending him the most recent copy of my resume and answering a few questions, Kolby went to work for me. Four days later, I received a rough draft of my resume and answered a few more questions. The next day, Kolby delivered... read more

    Chris S.
  • I'd like to share about the great experience I had working with Kolby.My situation was unique in the fact I'd spent 5 years overseas working in Singapore.Upon my return, I had trouble finding the right fit for which employer would find my skills unique.Kolby helped define a new path going forward in my professional career.Additionally, he guided me on some personal matters which has been helping me excel in my new position.Three weeks ago, I received a great new opportunity that fits my skill-set like a glove.Kolby was punctual and assertive in identifying key areas to improve.He even took the... read more

    Geoff K.
  • Kolby is sharp, incredibly knowledgeable and professional. He knew the answers to questions I didn’t know I was supposed to be asking. Without question an expert. The process was efficient and the result was a powerful resume/cover letter that landed me my first VP position. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation. Thank you Kolby!

    Eric B.
  • 5 star rating

    I had been wanting to find a new job with more opportunities. I had tried for a good 6 - 7 months to find that in the company I was with at the time. I decided that I needed some serious help because I was getting nowhere and becoming more disheartened at the lack of interview and inquiries.I decided that I need some professional help and that it where Kolby stepped in. I spoke with him on the phone to see if this was a good fit. During that 30 min session I realized I had much more experience than... read more

    Stephanie W.
  • 5 star rating

    Let me just start by saying that this was the best decision I've made by choosing Kolby to help me build my resume. He was amazing throughout the whole process and had great communication. I am truly happy with the results and it shows how great his work is because right after 1 day of putting my resume on indeed I was hired to a wonderful company and to a great job! Thank you Kolby!!!

    Lucero H.
  • 5 star rating

    I turned to Kolby for a resume update after more than a decade as an Inside Sales Manager. The role I performed was multi faceted and in many ways difficult to define. Honestly, I was not sure that Kolby would be able to capture not only the essence of my experience but more importantly, the various specifics. In short, I needed to have my expectations exceeded and Kolby did just that! He was able to identify and concisely state my career experiences with remarkable accuracy. I was impressed with the final resume. It... read more

    Ken H.
  • 5 star rating

    I am a registered nurse and had quit my job and taken a year off for a family issue after having worked for the same company for 15 years. Kolby did an awesome job helping me with updating my resume. I had been applying for jobs for a month with no response, and within 2 business days of applying with my updated resume, I received 2 responses for interviews. I then utilized Kolby to coach me with interview preparation which was also extremely helpful. His questions were insightful and well-prepared. I was offered a position... read more

    Ledina R.
  • I was having trouble finding a new job after I left my first job out of college. Moreover, I was having trouble communicating my experience with confidence and positioning myself as an asset. Kolby helped me restructure my experience to be confident, concise and easily digestible. I used to have trouble translating my past experience in job interviews but after working with Kolby, I'm able to better explain my skills and experience. I recommend Kolby to those looking for work and those who are unsure how to explain their experience on paper.

    Maya A.
  • 5 star rating

    I am completely satisfied with the knowledge and professionalism I received when I needed to update my resume and start finding a new job. I gained and edge I didn't know I had and he was able to articulate my skills into a resume that I am extremely pleased with. Kolby helped capture all my needs and even gave me direction and advice as to how to approach potential employers. I couldn't recommend The Job Huntr more.

    Chris B.
  • 5 star rating

    Great experience! Kolby is very responsive- I got a lot of responses on my resume that I hadn't before! Terrific feedback and direction. Professional and helpful, would definitely recommend!

    C M.
  • 5 star rating

    I found Kolby while doing a search on Google for local career counslers and was impressed by his reviews. After the initial free 15 min call with him, I pulled the trigger and engaged his services to rewrite my resume and LinkedIn profile. I couldn't be more pleased. His personal and professional service was outstanding and the results exceeded my expectations! If you're looking for assistance with your resume, I highly recommend Kolby you'll be very pleased with the results.

    Kevin H.
  • I had a great experience working with Kolby! After close to a year of searching for a new position with no forward progress, I decided to invest in a professional's help with my search. I hired Kolby to overhaul my resume and LinkedIn profile, as well as for one-on-one coaching sessions.His work was amazing. I realized prior to hiring Kolby that my resume didn't correctly represent my skill levels or the value I was adding to my current company. Kolby's professional direction helped to position me as a high-value, executive-level candidate. Less than three months after working with Kolby, I... read more

    Marie D.
  • 5 star rating

    I approached The Job Huntr because I was having trouble finding a job and I needed a coach to help me execute the interview process. My coach, Kolby who is so down to earth and understanding helped me by creating an overall outline on steps to take before and after interviews.Since I was not in the area Kolby was able to provide a couple of Skype sessions, which I found to be very helpful in order to discuss job searches and how to utilize my time effectively. One thing I like the most is his patience and the ability to... read more

    Grimm C.
  • 5 star rating

    Kolby was amazing to work with. He helped me rewrite my resume and cover letter to transition to a completely new industry. He helped to translate my past experiences in the restaurant industry to relate to a more traditional office setting. I got so many responses back from my applications once I started using my newly reworded resume. I found a new job in only a couple of months! Kolby was easy to work with, had fast response times, and was an incredibly valuable asset. It is well worth the small investment for your career to utilize his services.

    Kristen A.
  • It is my honor to share my experience with Kolby Goodman and Job Huntr. I worked with Kolby a little over a year ago when I was seeking to make a major career change. He took the time to get to know me, my aspirations, my talents, and worked diligently to create a powerful working resume that, I am confident, played a significant role in earning my current position. His help and guidance included recreating my resume, updating my LinkedIn page, and practicing effective interview techniques. As a result I was able to reach out into the job market with... read more

    Desiree D.
  • 5 star rating

    Whether you're comfortable or satisfied with your resume and/or career, Kolby the Job Huntr is an individual you should consult with. I have personally met with Kolby and have sent others to him as well, only to be extremely surprised and thankful for his advice and guidance. He not only polished my resume beyond what I thought was already satisfactory, but helped give me direction in my career in following a path that made sense for me. Don't mistake Kolby for someone who is simply a Job Huntr, but as someone who can help you become one as well. My... read more

    Pedram F.
  • 5 star rating

    Kolby saved my life. After 10 years at the same company and more in the same industry, it was time for a change. But my resume was not cutting it. As he told me, "it reads like a job description, not a resume." He was so right. NYC is not a fun place to look for a job, and especially if you're not fresh out of college, and I'm not. So I was prepared for this to be really hard. But with Kolby's help, it wasn't at all. Before I got my resume redone... read more

    J W.
  • Kolby helped me with narrowing down my job search and keeping myself organized. It was a pleasure working with him and would highly recommend to anyone lost in a the job search or needing career advice.

    Mary O.
  • Kolby was a tremendous help during my job search. We had an awesome, one-on-one consultation during San Diego Startup Week and he gave me some key pointers on how to improve my resume to help it stand out. In addition, I met with him the night before I had an initial phone screen for a job that I really wanted. Kolby helped me prepare for the interview by talking me through the process and helped me come up with effective answers and targeted questions. I kept his pointers in the back of my mind during the initial phone screen, the... read more

    Caleb C.
  • 5 star rating

    Having been employed with the same employer for the last eight years, I struggled with how to get back into the job market -- what should resumes look like in 2016 and what should be included -- so I was very happy to find Kolby on Yelp. His resume development process helped me to acknowledge and quantify my accomplishments. This was truly instrumental because sometimes work can become so routine, we forget to value and celebrate our successes. I now feel extremely confident submitting my resume that truly reflects me and the valuable contributions I can make to my... read more

    Mrs. Y.
  • 5 star rating

    The best decision I have made in a number of years was to contact Kolby Goodman, aka The Job Huntr, for help with updating my resume. He has wonderful insight into what a recruiter or prospective employer will be looking for and helps that message leap off the page. We completely overhauled both my resume and LinkedIn profile. About a week after uploading my new profile, I got serious attention from recruiters representing positions that I would never have found otherwise. I just accepted an amazing offer that came directly as a result of both the... read more

    Tom T.
  • As a self-reliant person, I was confident in my ability to make my own resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter. However, after several months of not as much interest as I had hoped, so I reluctantly decided to seek help and reached out to Kolby, who I was referred to by a friend.I found him to be remarkably professional, responsive, and thorough both in his expectations of me and what he would deliver to me. As soon as I got my resume (not too long after I hired him!), I began submitting it online. I was both... read more

    Stephen B.
  • 5 star rating

    As a tenured leader working for the same organization for nearly 22 years, I thought I was stuck. I wanted to be challenged and I needed a change, but was afraid to make the leap.

    I started applying at random places online and never heard anything back. I had the same resume format and cover letter from 20 years prior, and wasn't confident with interviewing.

    I started reading Yelp reviews for career coaches and came across Kolby. I was skeptical because I felt that I wouldn't be marketable outside of retail. Nevertheless, I decided to...
    read more

    Chris V.
  • 5 star rating

    I had a hard time to pass the job interview. Kolby helped me to fill the gap by trying to search for the certificate that benefit my career role and coaching me with the job interview. I wouldn't be able to get the job without him.

    Jamjarat K.
  • 5 star rating

    Kolby is incredible when it comes to helping with landing a job. He has some very helpful pointers and is knowledgeable about how recruiters and hiring managers think. Working with Kolby would be the best decision you could make in the job search process. I'd highly recommend him!

    nicole b.
  • 5 star rating

    I had an amazing experience working with Kolby!From the very first intake consultation to accepting the offer letter for a job in my intended field that paid twice what I was making previously, he was with me every step of the way. His "whole candidate" approach of crafting a unique narrative to showcase my accomplishments in the best and most accurate light possible through an expertly rewritten resume/cover letter template and carefully curated LinkedIn social media presence helped me approach job hunting under the shadow of Covid with renewed confidence and vigor. He was incredibly supportive and was never more... read more

    Mark S.
  • 5 star rating

    Found Kolby on Yelp and was impressed by his reviews so engaged his services to overhaul my resume and LinkedIn page and I couldn't be more pleased. His personal and professional service was outstanding and his timely and budget friendly work product exceeded my expectations. It's difficult writing about yourself so I appreciated Kolby's insight and clear instructions on how to utilize the work he provided to me. If you are looking for assistance with your resume you will be very pleased with Kolby's work.

    Ron G.
  • 5 star rating

    Kolby and his team are simply incredible. What an absolute pleasure to work with this world class team. Kolby quickly captured the essence of my achievements and presented them in a clear and concise way. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend their services to anyone that wants to ensure they are presented in the best light.

    Seebs B.
  • Kolby is the best! He offers great advice and wisdom and most importantly brings out the confidence in his clients. He is punctual and organized and great with follow up and follow through. I highly recommend his services if you are looking for a career change or coaching services. After working with Kolby, I had great success and am beyond happy in my new career!

    Andrea A.
  • 5 star rating

    Thank you Kolby for helping me with my resume and cover letter. It made a difference once I started sending out my new resume. I got more invites to interview and actually got a job soon after. It was a good investment in my search for a new job.

    Norma J.
  • After consulting with Kolby Goodman for job coaching services, I can truly say that he will set you up for success. I graduated in June 2019 with my MS in Health Informatics and found myself struggling to get my foot in the door as a Data Analyst in SD County. I had some success with a staffing agency but that was only temporary and I never felt confident about the quality of my resume and cover letter. In a matter of days, Kolby took my feedback and turned my 4-page mess of a resume into a polished piece of work.... read more

    Bijan M.
  • 5 star rating

    I recently decided to retire after 15 years with the same company. I knew I wanted to consult part-time as a Project Manager in IT and was concerned about "ageism". I easily spent 40 -50 hours preparing my own resume and submitted for a technical position that I was well qualified for and only received a no thanks reply. I knew I needed help in distilling down 30 years of experience into 2 pages. I read many of the reviews on Yelp about The Job Huntr. Kolby provided a free consultation... read more

    Ann R.
  • 5 star rating

    This is the second time I've worked with Kolby after my initial success with landing a Tech-Sales position in the Bay Area. Do I feel confident sending my resume out now? -- YUP. Its great to know I can rely on someone who actually KNOWS what works and what doesn't. You're resume is one of the best investments for your developing career - start off on the right foot and send it to this guy for a quick review!

    Scott L.
  • 5 star rating

    The Job Huntr was one of the best choices I ever made!I did my research, read the reviews, but still wasn't sure how this whole resume writing thing was going to pan out. The consultation with Kolby really showed how he listened to me and understood what I wanted; he was able to provide an outline right then on how he planned to accomplish the task. I was impressed by Kolby's thoroughness, patience, and follow-up.I would absolutely recommend Job Huntr (and already have)!

    Z S.
  • 5 star rating

    Kolby was just fantastic to work with -- he goes above and beyond for his clients. Kolby makes sure he asks the correct discovery questions to ensure you have received the best possible resume to hit the market. With the help of Kolby, I was able to land my dream job. Simply put, and without Kolby's help, I wouldn't be where I'm at today. I highly recommend Kolby's services to anyone who is in need of career, resume, and LinkedIn advice. He is an absolute gem to work with!!Thanks again, Kolby!!

    Dustin B.
  • I loved my experience with The Job Huntr! Kolby really listens to your experience and is able to highlight the best qualities/skills you have for the job that you want. He really gives you the best tools needed to succeed. After graduating from college, I was looking to transition from the Food and Beverage industry into a more professional environment where I could apply the skills I developed throughout both my schooling and my work experience; I was able to do this after Kolby’s help! This was a great investment and such a small one when I look at the... read more

    Karla C.
  • I had an appointment with Kolby from 5 to 5:30 PM. Waited by the phone. Didn't ring, but at 5:06 PM, a voicemail came from him. He said to call him back. So I immediately did & it went to an answering service. Gave them my information. I asked to speak to him, they said I couldn't talk to him right now. I told them he told me to call him back asap and it was our appointment time. They said they would relay my message. So I then called back... read more

    Chad G.
  • 5 star rating

    I didn't know what to expect when I first reached out to Kolby. I was recently laid off from my last position and had just graduated college and found myself stuck and not knowing what I should do. When I finally decided to look at help from someone like Kolby I was blown away by how professional and helpful he was. From our first consultation call that lasted a quick 20 minutes, he recommended we move further with some 1-hour sessions. I felt that this would be a great opportunity for myself but still hesitated. After a little while, I... read more

    Joe D.
  • I'm really pleased with the assistance received from Kolby Goodman. Career coaching is one third knowing the business, one third being a psychologist, and one third being a cheerleader, and Kolby has a good grasp on all three. Kolby quickly gets down to the practicalities of a job hunt, ensuring that the client leaves the first session with specific direction. This is appreciated - we're out of work and don't have money to waste. But in addition to nailing those practicalities quickly, Kolby also understands that clients each have a unique psychological state that may be motivating or demotivating them,... read more

    Paul H.
  • 4 star rating

    Kolby Goodman, aka The Job Huntr, was great to work with when creating my resume and cover letter for potential job openings. He provides honest feedback, solid perspective and asks great questions during the consulting process.I really appreciated his willingness to go back and forth with recommendations, edits and fine-tuning. He is extremely adept at making changes in a reasonable amount of time, and handles each interaction with considerable professionalism and friendliness. Although I have not yet landed a position, I feel I am in a better position than when I started the job search process a few weeks back.... read more

    Matt B.
  • 5 star rating

    I reached out to Kolby after reading one of his LinkedIn blogs, and was so impressed by how quickly he contacted me to offer his support and expertise. As an upcoming graduate, I had anxiety revolving around promoting myself the best I can. Kolby gave me concise and impeccably professional constructive criticism on my resume, as well as my LinkedIn profile. After our first conversation, I was encouraging many of my friends to seek his help.He was very flexible with our phone meetings and was extremely pleasant to speak with. He helped explain the way a recruiter or hiring... read more

    Valerie V.
  • 5 star rating

    Kolby helped provide me with the needed service in an incredibly time sensitive scenario. All my specific requests were met and the final product looked outstanding. Couldn't have asked for better!

    Ben K.
  • 5 star rating

    Kolby was very professional and easy to work with. He was able to overcome my lack of information in a few areas with ease and professionalism. At the end my resume and cover letter came out fantastic. After sending out my resume, I received a call back within an hour from a service director. Thank you Kolby! I would not hesitate to recommend Kolby's services.

    Jeff M.
  • Quick response

    JESUS S.
  • 5 star rating

    My resume was not getting a lot of attention. Kolby rewrote it beautifully!! I have the job I have now because the company saw my resume online and reached out. It was a great move for me and I am very appreciative!! Kolby is very kind, patient and extremely talented when it comes to showcasing talent. Worth every penny!!

    Gina G.
  • Kolby was amazing!First off, I received multiple interviews after working with him for only a month, and was able to land a job in my field within 2 months! I previously had no luck even getting interviews. Kolby really helped me get my confidence back while also giving me helpful tips on searching for jobs, interviewing, and negotiating. Kolby helped me with a resume and cover letter that far exceeded my expectations and which were professional and worked well in the modern job industry. I can’t thank Kolby enough, and highly recommend him and his services to anyone who may... read more

    Drew V.
  • 5 star rating

    I am a stay-at-home mom who has not worked for several years. With kids heading off to college soon I am currently trying to determine which professions would suit my skill set and my goals. Kolby was excellent in helping me narrow my focus on professions and how to go about getting exposure and experience in this field before committing to an expensive and lengthy certification program. He encouraged me tremendously. Kolby is not only an excellent job coach but would make a great personal counselor as well!

    M. S.
  • With the help and advice from Kolby Goodman I have corrected a lot of common error on my linkedin page that have been so valuable to my professional development!

    Stephanie D.
  • 5 star rating

    My last review for Kolby was in 2015. Now three years later, I'm back on the search to start a new chapter. Not including my resume, a lot has changed since I've seen Kolby last - I'm now almost 10 years out of college and the application process has become much more complex. Not only did Kolby help rearrange my resume into a more 'modern' format, he offered some great suggestions on irrelevant areas that recruiters probably would not focus on. However, the biggest change that I noticed was the career advice that Kolby offered. Just as I had grown... read more

    Scott L.
  • 5 star rating

    I'm extremely happy with the work that Kolby has done refreshing my resume. I hadn't looked at my resume in over four years so one could say it was pretty "stale." He asked very poignant questions to try and extract those hidden bits of employment nuggets that would help my resume shine above all others. I even had him take a look at my LinkedIn profile to help optimize it for searches with potential employers. Let's face it, it's never easy writing about yourself (at least for me it isn't). Now you don't have to. Just reach out to Kolby... read more

    K. F.
  • 5 star rating

    Kolby made an excellent resume for me and also helped me out with best interviewing practices. His interview prep session was very useful in helping me get the job that I wanted. I liked how prompt he is with replies to your questions and how thoroughly he helps prepare you for your specific job interview.

    Avinesh G.
  • Working with Kolby was wonderful and seamless from start to finish. He offers a wide range of services to pick from, but I was personally looking for a quick update to my very dated resume. He provided that and so much more!Having been working in the same industry for the past 10+ years, majority within the same company, I was finding it difficult to accurately portray my career growth to outside industries. The problem - showing growth trajectory while avoiding sounding repetitive by listing every position even though they created greater responsibility and continued development. I truly felt... read more

    Dionne H.
  • 5 star rating

    Normally I don't write reviews about anything, but Kolby is definitely an exception. He has shown an infinite amount of patience with assisting me in my journey for a career change. His weekly update e-mail requests on my progress is a great reassurance that he is dedicated in assisting you from building a resume to job hunting. I feel very confident in my job prospects with Kolby's assistance in my career change.

    Patrick D.
  • 1 star rating

    I do not recommend Kolby at all for your resume services. I recently graduated with an MBA in march of this year. I wanted to reflect my education on my resume as accurately as possible. I reached out to Kolby and we reached an agreement. Few months later, Kolby sent me his resume that he created for me. Shorty after, i started submitting my resume to various jobs that I was very interested in. To my surprise, I had 3 recruiters actually email me questioning my resume and inform me that it was poorly written and made me sound "fake"... read more

    Esteban H.
  • I got in touch with Kolby via a non-traditional channel, when I was going through some of the hardest moments in my career. He was prompt to reply, very clear and very helpful, even though my requests might not have been the clearest. As we started working together he was very straight-forward and cheerful at the same time.By employing simple to follow but very effective techniques, he helped me clear my mind and navigate efficiently through all the difficult grounds of finding a new job that checked all of my boxes.When I got the offer(s), we worked together to weight... read more

    Gledi M.
  • 5 star rating

    Outstanding work!!Kolby is an outstanding support and provides great insight into the entire process of career development including career searching strategies. He helped me clean up my resume and provided great insight; and preparation work with great attention to detail.I do so recommend Kolby. He is reliable, honest, and has very wise direction for individuals who are new to a job search & career and those who are more mature in a career.Excellent and highly reliable!!Thank you Kolby.

    Catherine S.