Top 3 Career Takeaways from The Apprentice Billionaire Podcast

Brad Sugars is the Chairman and Founder of ActionCOACH, which I use for my business (shoutout to Coach Karie!), and I was excited to talk with him on The Apprentice Billionaire Podcast!  

We had a great conversation about taking a side hustle and making it your main hustle.   And, in addition to relating in our experiences as entrepreneurs, I saw a lot of similarities between starting a business and looking for a new job.  Here are 3 takeaways from the conversation and tips on how you can use these themes for your career:

1. Sometimes the best lessons learned are from the worst situations.

Feeling stuck in a job and working for an incompetent boss can feel soul crushing.  But even learning what you wouldn’t do or what you don’t like, is still learning! Then the next time you have a situation where you disagree with your boss or sh*t hits the fan, make a note of the details and how you would have handled it differently.  These learned lessons can serve as answers in a situational interview.

2. The more you like what you do, the better at it you will be.

Doing work you hate can make a bad day so much worse. But any hard situation will be more bearable when you have a feeling of purpose and see the value in the work that you are doing.  Figure out the aspects of your current or past jobs that you like or keep you motivated. Use this list as a reference when looking for new positions, so that you can find jobs that align with your passions.

3. It doesn’t matter how much success you have, there will always be doubt and fear.

Stopping yourself from applying for a job is a guaranteed “No.” If you don’t apply then you won’t give yourself the opportunity to succeed or learn from the experience.  Read the job description carefully and if you check off at least 60% of the requirements I recommend that you go for it! Just make sure to tailor your resume to make the qualifications you do have stand out.

Is there another point from our conversation that resonated with you? How would you apply it to your job search?